Sunday, June 21, 2009

The very best and final Kahvi Mix release is days away

I've been holding out. I must apologize. It's been awhile since a kahvi release and for good reason: I've exhausted all the useable tracks in the kahvi collective for mixing. But I have one left. The VERY BEST chill, emotional, down-to-earth, seamless, tear-jerking, and capstone mix out of the entire collection of mixes. It's been in holding for almost 1 and a half years.

It's coming this week.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Vibration Breaks Vol. 02 (Trance + BREAKS...sort of)

Thanks to the generousity of many, I've decided to whip out another specialty mix I've been wanting to do for the last half-a-year: Progressive Breakbeat. Thats right, breakbeat but with a Progressive Trance style to it. Unbeknownst to me, there are actually more progressive break tracks out there than not and I was delighted to get my fingers on both vinyls and mp3s.

Vibration Breaks Vol. 2 carries the vibration name of solid mixing and great track selection. I don't take it lightly. I want people to know that if there is a Vibrations name to my mixes you're getting good stuff. I can't promise it, but I hope you do have some expectations. None the less this mix is chocked full of some great music. I'm serious!

If you've known me for awhile you know that out of all my mixes my favorite is the progressive/tech/trannce mix called "The Undiscovered Country". It's bar-none the best mix I've made in terms of mixing and track selection (and it was my third released mix since I started). In Vibration Breaks Vol. 2 I hold the very same feeling. This is a great mix...I love listening to it over and over again. Very few mixes I make have that sensation to it. I want to pass it on to you to show my appreciation towards you and the amazing artists that have supplied such great music!

If you're not into break beat, I hope this mix will change your mind. If you like Progressive Trance, then this is for you! I've managed to cram 15 tracks of great sounding, liquid-style progressive trance breaks. It's sooo goooey and warm on the inside. There are momenets of joy, jubliation, happiness, excitement, and chill! Top that with a swirl of seamless mixing and you have a concoction of pure emotion. I cannot completely convey how much I love this mix. I really cannot. The tracks really make this mix GREAT! I say this in hopes that you understand that I'm not boasting about my own ability to make the mix's all about the artists.


01. Disconnected Illusions (Aeron Aether Remix)
02. Arthur Deep - Demonstraight
03. Gridlocked - Balancing Act (Retroid Remix)
04. Phrakture - In Absence
05. Abdomen Burst - So Many Hopes
06. Alexander Miguel - Transit
07. TyDi - I Like, You Like
08. Aeron Aether - Lake In The Well (Frontdoorboy Remix)
09. The Fusion - You Never Be Alone (Kurt Remix)
10. Arthur Deep - Phoenix
11. Coalesced - Cortina
12. Abakus - Igmatik
13. Space Manoeuvres - Division Six
14. Moshic - Rain Done (Break Mix)
15. Will Spencer - Oceanica (Stefan Anion's Port Remix)