Tuesday, May 27, 2008

BreakBox Vol. 1

So, I finally wanted to try a new mix in a genre I havent done before. Looking through the large repository of electronic genres (and there are alot) I noticed one specific genre that I always enjoyed listening to when I needed an energy rush: Breakbeat. Breakbeat has its own special unique rhythm. The mixmash of beats, hi-hats, drum loops, and bass sequences offer a difference sound than Trance. After searching for the sounds I wanted, I finally concluded 12 tracks into a seamless mix for your enjoyable pleasure.

BreakBox delivers on so many levels. Whether you're a trance listener, a prog listener, or a clubber, I've got this mix appealing to everyone. The first portion of this mix is essential club/electro breakbeat stuff. Great loops, great bass, and some great vocals that can get any floor hopping. Towards the end of the mix, you'll start to hear a more trance/progressive mood as I take it down a notch and let your mind take a break. You'll definitely want to pick up this mix, its worth a listen.

01. Stanton Warrios - Seeker (What What What Remix)
02. Audiophreakz - A Little Closer (DNF Mix)
03. Rektchirdz feat. Kay T - Left Behind (Beta Remix)
04. Aquasky feat. Kool Keith - Movin' The Hype Track (Nick Thayer Remix)
05. Ed Solo - When I Was a Yout (Kraft Kuts Remix)
06. Quest feat. Odessi - Break Me07.
07. Slyde - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
08. Santa Fe - Bunka (The Peepshow Ownerz Remix)
09. Shimon - Around The Edge
10. Oxide - It Lasts Eternally (Aephoria Eternal Mix)
11. Ozgur Can - Escape (Original Breaks Version)
12. Blu Mar Ten - Anytime Soon

Time: 60:00

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Two new mixes

Two big new club mixes coming out for you trance enthusiasts. Stay tuned

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dj Polaski - Parallax (Kahviset #002 revisit)

I'm officially releasing Parallax to the public after its been featured on inq-mag as its launching point for its new. Parallax details some of my best work in mid-2007 which sparked so much interest at kahvi, di.fm, and inq-mag. It was this mix that alot have dubbed me the "Transition master". You can download the work here:

01.Zilent Zpott - Lost & Desperatrion
02.Kairaus - Flak Kathedral
03.Keed pr1 - Space
04.Affective Disorder - Le pont vers lespace
05.Alexey V - Pirate
06.Acrillic Colors - The Garden
07.Mosaik - Noa Lake (Polaski's Garden 1/2 remix)
08.Randomajestiq - Magic Carpet (super slithery slow edit)
09.Cardamar - Start (Instrumental Mix)
10.Zilent Zpott - Ondas Silenciosas (with Audioplacid) (slow edit)
11.Sektor - Sleepy
12.Esem - A Sound of Halo
13.Brioskj - Mysterious Wood
14.Brioskj - Dawn of a Wonderful Day
15.URL - He's A Collector
16.Aaron Jasinski - Addictive Additive

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Kahvi Sound Sessions 007

Welcome to week #7. I'm particularly excited about this week's release as we are journeying into the softer, kinder, slower styles of kahvi. This week will be a time to just sit, relax, and enjoy. Yes, there are some scary moments, but most are pleasent with dreamy sounds and joyful moods. We have a wave of artists showing off their talent in this arena with visits from various artists.

As always, you can head over to the kahvi site and download all these tracks at http://www.kahvi.org.

Or you can visit my website where you can have direct downloads to all the podcaasts as well as comment on my work; telling me how horrible of a dj/mixer I am (thanks Anna).

  1. Stuart Elliott - A New Dawn
  2. Zilent Zpott - Harrison City
  3. Walka - Syy Napsuu 2
  4. Acrilic Colors - Skycraperscape
  5. Workbench - Zoo (Dusk)
  6. Dream Lab - Cryogenic Suspension II
  7. Bioradio - Postmorten Winners
  8. The Integer Ring feat. Mikael Andersson - Integer04-5
  9. Projekti 3 - Purppura
  10. MBF - In the Land of the Sun
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Thursday, May 8, 2008

my AIM: rep reh zent

Some have been curious as to how they can get ahold of me outside of e-mail. While I dont completely approve of giving out my phone number to strangers I thought it would be a nice gesture to hand out my AOL handle to anyone who would like to contact me in real time. My aim name is 'rep reh zent' (without ''). I'm usually on because I bring my laptop around campus and we have wifi practically everywhere... So feel free to drop me a line.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kahvi Sound Sessions 007 on hold til next friday

So class finals are rolling around, and I've been hard at work studying for next week's test. As a result, I never finished finalizing kahvi sound sessions for this week, BUT if you can wait til next friday, I'll DEFINITELY make it worth the wait. Week #7 will have some special goodies, with some uber-awesome transitions, interplay, and tracklist. So prepare yourself, put on your ambient hat, and for those who like to puff, wait til' friday :))

p.s. I promise you...this will be the best Sound Sessions you will hear yet...