Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dj Polaski - Parallax (Kahviset #002 revisit)

I'm officially releasing Parallax to the public after its been featured on inq-mag as its launching point for its new. Parallax details some of my best work in mid-2007 which sparked so much interest at kahvi,, and inq-mag. It was this mix that alot have dubbed me the "Transition master". You can download the work here:

01.Zilent Zpott - Lost & Desperatrion
02.Kairaus - Flak Kathedral
03.Keed pr1 - Space
04.Affective Disorder - Le pont vers lespace
05.Alexey V - Pirate
06.Acrillic Colors - The Garden
07.Mosaik - Noa Lake (Polaski's Garden 1/2 remix)
08.Randomajestiq - Magic Carpet (super slithery slow edit)
09.Cardamar - Start (Instrumental Mix)
10.Zilent Zpott - Ondas Silenciosas (with Audioplacid) (slow edit)
11.Sektor - Sleepy
12.Esem - A Sound of Halo
13.Brioskj - Mysterious Wood
14.Brioskj - Dawn of a Wonderful Day
15.URL - He's A Collector
16.Aaron Jasinski - Addictive Additive

Download Mix


keely siciliano said...

? what the hell

keely siciliano said...

I want to know how many apples Joey has.

Star Trek is on and I assumed you raced home from class to watch it so it gave me a nice laugh.