Tuesday, May 27, 2008

BreakBox Vol. 1

So, I finally wanted to try a new mix in a genre I havent done before. Looking through the large repository of electronic genres (and there are alot) I noticed one specific genre that I always enjoyed listening to when I needed an energy rush: Breakbeat. Breakbeat has its own special unique rhythm. The mixmash of beats, hi-hats, drum loops, and bass sequences offer a difference sound than Trance. After searching for the sounds I wanted, I finally concluded 12 tracks into a seamless mix for your enjoyable pleasure.

BreakBox delivers on so many levels. Whether you're a trance listener, a prog listener, or a clubber, I've got this mix appealing to everyone. The first portion of this mix is essential club/electro breakbeat stuff. Great loops, great bass, and some great vocals that can get any floor hopping. Towards the end of the mix, you'll start to hear a more trance/progressive mood as I take it down a notch and let your mind take a break. You'll definitely want to pick up this mix, its worth a listen.

01. Stanton Warrios - Seeker (What What What Remix)
02. Audiophreakz - A Little Closer (DNF Mix)
03. Rektchirdz feat. Kay T - Left Behind (Beta Remix)
04. Aquasky feat. Kool Keith - Movin' The Hype Track (Nick Thayer Remix)
05. Ed Solo - When I Was a Yout (Kraft Kuts Remix)
06. Quest feat. Odessi - Break Me07.
07. Slyde - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
08. Santa Fe - Bunka (The Peepshow Ownerz Remix)
09. Shimon - Around The Edge
10. Oxide - It Lasts Eternally (Aephoria Eternal Mix)
11. Ozgur Can - Escape (Original Breaks Version)
12. Blu Mar Ten - Anytime Soon

Time: 60:00

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Enessar Neiko said...


I allways thought that breaks music is in my blood. And I want to say that "BreakBox Vol. 1" is great! I like it! Nice work!

I hope you will continue to maintain the breaks direction in your mixes.