Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kahvi Sound Sessions 007

Welcome to week #7. I'm particularly excited about this week's release as we are journeying into the softer, kinder, slower styles of kahvi. This week will be a time to just sit, relax, and enjoy. Yes, there are some scary moments, but most are pleasent with dreamy sounds and joyful moods. We have a wave of artists showing off their talent in this arena with visits from various artists.

As always, you can head over to the kahvi site and download all these tracks at

Or you can visit my website where you can have direct downloads to all the podcaasts as well as comment on my work; telling me how horrible of a dj/mixer I am (thanks Anna).

  1. Stuart Elliott - A New Dawn
  2. Zilent Zpott - Harrison City
  3. Walka - Syy Napsuu 2
  4. Acrilic Colors - Skycraperscape
  5. Workbench - Zoo (Dusk)
  6. Dream Lab - Cryogenic Suspension II
  7. Bioradio - Postmorten Winners
  8. The Integer Ring feat. Mikael Andersson - Integer04-5
  9. Projekti 3 - Purppura
  10. MBF - In the Land of the Sun
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general fuzz said...

I just listened to this one - it was an excellent mix.