Sunday, November 8, 2009

EP Album on Kahvi: Bendii Syndrome

I really felt like my last post didn't do justice for the kind of enthusiasm I wanted to display for my EP released on Kahvi. For you Kahvi fans, I released a 4-Track Kahvi EP that really had some positive feedback from the loyal customers there. Those responses really encouraged me to continue looking into music production.

With that said, I've currently working on another 4-track EP that will be released on Kahvi's EP timetable.

Back to the album! I really felt Bendii Syndrom hit a well scored note (no pun intended) to Kahvi listeners as much of the releases were bionic bunny style weird-hypnotic tracks. I do go for those kinds of tracks, but I really think for that kind of arena, people want subtly, simplicity, and emotional components attached to their music. I think those elements, when blended, produce an effect that makes you feel good.

I don't always think about these things, and to quantify music in such ways should be blasphemous in most cases. None the less, the tracks I created hit a chord with me, I hope they do with you as well. Much of the inspiration from the tracks came from trancey chillout, workbench (Kahvi releases) and Boards of Canada.

Loss of Grandios is by far (in my opinion) the best track of the EP. While repetitive, it follows the style of Boards of Canada but also has its own style of communicating its intent.

Snooping for berries is a fun and intrinsic style that makes me think of some dog, snooping around the garden for a quick treat. Don't ask me why, but thats just the illusion that I get when I listen to this.

Last Goodbyes are one of those Squaresoft-cum-Chronotrigger-cum-FinalFantasy tracks that just kind of sit with you when you've listened to it enough. Piano and pad swells make this track a swirling pool of emotion.

Starstruck is exactly what the name implies, BOOM. The start up is slow and somewhat unimpressive. But mid-point through the track, sounds begin to fill your speakers and the result is a conglomerate of chorded violence with a sense of subtlety (yes I can use that word twice).

1. Last Goodbyes
2. Loss of Grandios
3. Snooping For Berries
4. Starstruck


As for timely releases of my Mixes, I really do have apologize. I always end up with the shorter end of the stick when it comes to a commitment with you guys. Money definitely is not the issue but rather the time associated with making mixes. With a full-time job now (System's analyst) and a full-time student, things often get lost in the mix of it all (once again, no pun intended). I'm currently looking at purchasing tracks for another vibrations mix coming up soon. So stay tuned.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kahvi Release #273: Bendii Syndrom by Polaski

So for you Kahvi fans out there, I've finally made it to the cream of the crop and have an EP listed on kahvi's own site titled Bendii Syndrome. This luscious set of individual tracks lay out sequences of sounds that are both strange and common to the avid EDM listener. None the less, they are worth checking out and they are free (If you'd like a .FLAC copy, you can donate $2 to paypal).

Here's what Kahvi had to say about it:

"After some successful releases of mix on Kahvi, Polaski has followed similar DJs in turning his attentions to the creation of his own original music. What follows is his first four track ep, heavily influenced by Boards of Canada (check Loss of Grandios) and Arovane.

A warm, fluid, easy listening collection of tracks, a sentimental edge with the classic off tone analogue sounds, subtle beats and addictive melodies. Polaski has studied the style of his favourite artists well, and this reflects in Bendii Syndrome.

After the harsh and distorted reality of Yards 'Swaggle Dub', Kahvi returns to a more mellow and chilled vibe. Enjoy this great premier from Polaski and lets wait for some more of his work in the future."

Go to the site and download them for free.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The very best and final Kahvi Mix release is days away

I've been holding out. I must apologize. It's been awhile since a kahvi release and for good reason: I've exhausted all the useable tracks in the kahvi collective for mixing. But I have one left. The VERY BEST chill, emotional, down-to-earth, seamless, tear-jerking, and capstone mix out of the entire collection of mixes. It's been in holding for almost 1 and a half years.

It's coming this week.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Vibration Breaks Vol. 02 (Trance + BREAKS...sort of)

Thanks to the generousity of many, I've decided to whip out another specialty mix I've been wanting to do for the last half-a-year: Progressive Breakbeat. Thats right, breakbeat but with a Progressive Trance style to it. Unbeknownst to me, there are actually more progressive break tracks out there than not and I was delighted to get my fingers on both vinyls and mp3s.

Vibration Breaks Vol. 2 carries the vibration name of solid mixing and great track selection. I don't take it lightly. I want people to know that if there is a Vibrations name to my mixes you're getting good stuff. I can't promise it, but I hope you do have some expectations. None the less this mix is chocked full of some great music. I'm serious!

If you've known me for awhile you know that out of all my mixes my favorite is the progressive/tech/trannce mix called "The Undiscovered Country". It's bar-none the best mix I've made in terms of mixing and track selection (and it was my third released mix since I started). In Vibration Breaks Vol. 2 I hold the very same feeling. This is a great mix...I love listening to it over and over again. Very few mixes I make have that sensation to it. I want to pass it on to you to show my appreciation towards you and the amazing artists that have supplied such great music!

If you're not into break beat, I hope this mix will change your mind. If you like Progressive Trance, then this is for you! I've managed to cram 15 tracks of great sounding, liquid-style progressive trance breaks. It's sooo goooey and warm on the inside. There are momenets of joy, jubliation, happiness, excitement, and chill! Top that with a swirl of seamless mixing and you have a concoction of pure emotion. I cannot completely convey how much I love this mix. I really cannot. The tracks really make this mix GREAT! I say this in hopes that you understand that I'm not boasting about my own ability to make the mix's all about the artists.


01. Disconnected Illusions (Aeron Aether Remix)
02. Arthur Deep - Demonstraight
03. Gridlocked - Balancing Act (Retroid Remix)
04. Phrakture - In Absence
05. Abdomen Burst - So Many Hopes
06. Alexander Miguel - Transit
07. TyDi - I Like, You Like
08. Aeron Aether - Lake In The Well (Frontdoorboy Remix)
09. The Fusion - You Never Be Alone (Kurt Remix)
10. Arthur Deep - Phoenix
11. Coalesced - Cortina
12. Abakus - Igmatik
13. Space Manoeuvres - Division Six
14. Moshic - Rain Done (Break Mix)
15. Will Spencer - Oceanica (Stefan Anion's Port Remix)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vibrations Vol. 10


Yes, this edition of the vibrations series not only hits it's 10th volume, but offers a difference from the previous 4. Trance in its boldness reaches out from the grave and grabs you by the ears (literally) and takes you for a spin (LITERALLY!). There are hints of progressiveness, but the overall theme is Trance. Oh yeah, did I mention there's vocals too? Too many tracks to count that have them!

The 3 tracks of the mix start progressive building up the mix. Then I do a few dazzling tricks with the tracks, mash them up and let them fly. BPM is higher than average and you'll feel good about yourself after listening to this. And guess what? IT'S FREE. You dont have to pay a dime, except the marginal cost of sending those little intricate data splices we call packets that travel million of miles through the internet. None the less, here it is, naked...Vibrations Vol. 10


01. Arion Grey - When She Arrives (Cyrus & Soundstorm Remix)
02. Ice Breeze - How it Begins (CJ Peeton Remix)
03. David Deere - Crystal Movement (Mike Envee Remix)
04. Tritonal feat. Christina Soto - Crash Into Reason (Moonbeam Mix)
05. OceanLab/Above & Beyond - On a Good Day (16 Bit Lolitas Remix)
06. Armin Van Buuren - The Sound of Goodbye (EDX's Indian Summer Remix)
07. Cosmic Gate - Not Enough Time (Andy Duguid Remix)
08. Mike Mikhjian feat. Anna Basel - Another Day
09. Albin Myers - Times Like These (EDX's Redub)
10. Airbase feat. Floria Ambra - Interfere
11. Ohmna feat. Nurlaila - Key of Life (MaRLo Remix)
12. Omen - Arriba Cielo (PooNyk & Oxide Remix)
13. Jonas Steur - Sonrisa

Download HERE

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dj Polaski - Vibrations Vol. 9

When all of you lost hope, and my incesant lies about bringing mixes has been the forefront for the last two to three months I have finally delivered. Yes, delivered another Vibrations Mix for all of you to enjoy.

The last two vibration mixes have been, as I believe them to be, the height of my mixing talent and most of you who like to be vocal tend to agree. However, this Vibrations mix covers a slightly different angle to the Trance and Progressive House scene. Vibrations Vol. 9 doesn't stay consistant with one style of trance and house (as heard in Vibrations 7/8) rather its a mix mash of harder and softer sounds clashing into a wonderful mix. The mixing style is a bit more rigid and less consistent, however, this only heightens the overall pleasurability of the mix. 

The mix starts off with a Sasha-style progressive house tracks which leaves you a tad-bit thirsty for some juicy melodic trance - although not for too long. The mix takes a dip and calms your senses but towards the middle picks right back up with a series of hard-er trance choons (choons!). From there on its smooth, driveable, gliding progressive trance which shares remnants of those previous Vibrations mixes you love. 

Also, its my yearly annual donation drive. If you feel compelled to continue financial my mixing operations it would be fantastic. While most of the mixes I make come out of my own pocket, some of you have been nice enough to lend your hard-earned cash to help replicate new mixes. So I'm urging those will fatter wallets than mine to click on the Paypal donation button to the right of the page and send a few dollars, euros, yen, pounds, or rupees to a great cause. All donations go directly to mixes new tracks (primarily purchasing new tracks). Believe it or not, $2 goes a long way!


01. PRT Stacho - Expulsion (Progressive Mix)
02. Lil Dirty - Vintage (Jim Rivers Remix)
03. Mike Emvee - That Little Something
04. 16 Bit Lolitas - Nobody Seems To Care
05. Vosk - Fairwell
06. Jan Johnston - Merge (MoodFreak Remix)
07. Marko-D - Snow Drops
08. Lost Stories - False Promises
09. Remot - New Generation (Club Mix)
10. Bailey - Inspiral
11. Ohmna - The Sun II Shine (Full Moon Mix)
12. Mossy - Leaving The Planet

Time: 72 minutes

[Edit: Added CUE File for track times]


If anyone still visits the blog, today is a good day:

Vibrations Vol. 9 (yes, a new mix out)
Tranceaction Vol. 10
Vibrations Vol. 7.5 (30 minutes of left over tracks)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Digital Shorts

So I know I've been absent in posting lately and practically lying to you when I said I would release a bunch of content but never did. I've also felt like I've been making alot of excuses for the latency but I have to tell you that things get worse. My super-uber-PC blew up not to long ago. Apparently the power supply (corsair) went belly up and I am waiting for a RMA to come in the mail in the next few weeks. In the meantime I dont have much to offer.

However, the good news I left a little present for those IDM/Kahvi lovers. Over the past year I've been tinkering around with music production as a hobby. As a result I've been working to create sounds but never really any full length pieces of music. The Digital shorts (all mounted in a nice .zip file) is all the products of my sound creation. It's a combination of Reason 4.0 synths/filters/etc and fruity loops 8. All the "short" tracks were created by me as well as their respective sounds.

None of the tracks are complete, but like I said that wasn't my intention. Some last anywhere from 40 seconds to 4 minutes. Some I wanted to complete as full length songs, but I always failed in completing them due to writers block (hah!). Use them as you like, just credit the individual for the

Zip List:

1. Bubbles
2. Groove
3. Jello Joy
4. Run Loop
5. Sequenced Chips
6. The Incredible Sulk
7. Wind Chimes

Download Zip