Wednesday, February 11, 2009


If anyone still visits the blog, today is a good day:

Vibrations Vol. 9 (yes, a new mix out)
Tranceaction Vol. 10
Vibrations Vol. 7.5 (30 minutes of left over tracks)


shard said...

Yup we still visit the blog.

Anonymous said...

yep, we do

Anonymous said...

Also, we're (or at least I am) really looking forward to Tranceaction 10. Is it out already, or facebook-only?

         - an optimistic listener.

Anonymous said...

aha, predictable naming conventions suggest that tranceaction 10 is indeed available, and so far it sounds very smooth!
         - a satisfied listener

Polaski said...

Well, since its out there, I suppose I better construct a playlist.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, Tranceaction 10 is very nice! Still, is it finished yet? My downloaded track ends at 43:13, rather unexpected. Should it not be finished yet I'll gladly wait for it to be completed. Also, a playlist (or may I even hope for a cue sheet?) would be deeply appreciated.
         - a hopeful listener

Anonymous said...

Keep it up.