Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dj Polaski - Vibrations Vol. 9

When all of you lost hope, and my incesant lies about bringing mixes has been the forefront for the last two to three months I have finally delivered. Yes, delivered another Vibrations Mix for all of you to enjoy.

The last two vibration mixes have been, as I believe them to be, the height of my mixing talent and most of you who like to be vocal tend to agree. However, this Vibrations mix covers a slightly different angle to the Trance and Progressive House scene. Vibrations Vol. 9 doesn't stay consistant with one style of trance and house (as heard in Vibrations 7/8) rather its a mix mash of harder and softer sounds clashing into a wonderful mix. The mixing style is a bit more rigid and less consistent, however, this only heightens the overall pleasurability of the mix. 

The mix starts off with a Sasha-style progressive house tracks which leaves you a tad-bit thirsty for some juicy melodic trance - although not for too long. The mix takes a dip and calms your senses but towards the middle picks right back up with a series of hard-er trance choons (choons!). From there on its smooth, driveable, gliding progressive trance which shares remnants of those previous Vibrations mixes you love. 

Also, its my yearly annual donation drive. If you feel compelled to continue financial my mixing operations it would be fantastic. While most of the mixes I make come out of my own pocket, some of you have been nice enough to lend your hard-earned cash to help replicate new mixes. So I'm urging those will fatter wallets than mine to click on the Paypal donation button to the right of the page and send a few dollars, euros, yen, pounds, or rupees to a great cause. All donations go directly to mixes new tracks (primarily purchasing new tracks). Believe it or not, $2 goes a long way!


01. PRT Stacho - Expulsion (Progressive Mix)
02. Lil Dirty - Vintage (Jim Rivers Remix)
03. Mike Emvee - That Little Something
04. 16 Bit Lolitas - Nobody Seems To Care
05. Vosk - Fairwell
06. Jan Johnston - Merge (MoodFreak Remix)
07. Marko-D - Snow Drops
08. Lost Stories - False Promises
09. Remot - New Generation (Club Mix)
10. Bailey - Inspiral
11. Ohmna - The Sun II Shine (Full Moon Mix)
12. Mossy - Leaving The Planet

Time: 72 minutes

[Edit: Added CUE File for track times]


Euan said...

Excellent stuff!
Would it be possible for you to add timestamps to that tracklisting?

Thanks. :)

[ djmidnight ] said...

Oh. Hi.

It's DJ Midnight from the djdoboy forums. Glad to see you're still in this - I remember picking up your birthday electro mix way back when. Whew! It's been a long time. I'm just starting a blog to distribute my mixes - maybe we could compare notes? You review mine, I review yours.

stay well.


Andy said...

This is good stuff. I felt like you were beginning to lose your way but this is exactly the quality I've come to expect from the Polaski name.