Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kahvi Sound Sessions podcast 001

So, with the approval of a new podcast from Kahvi, I will be doing a weekly show hand selecting various tracks from the kahvi collective. In addition, the podcast will feature mini-mixes from me (about 1-3 tracks in length) . This particular podcast features a more down-to-earth feeling with some very warm bass, and good drum loops, take a listen.

Official thread:

Welcome to the first episode of Kahvi's newest podcast: Sound Sessions. The podcast will feature various artists from the kahvi label as well as some mixing done by yours truley, Dj Polaski. The featured artists are: Berestez, Url, Kolibries, Noise Relations, Alessandro Pintus, Introspective, and Slem. You can obtain all these tracks in their entirety for free at

Also, you can find the podcast through itunes, type in Kahvi under the search bar and you'll be good to go!

Individual Tracks:
Berestez - Shoda Twist
Url - The Time

Short-mix by Dj Polaski:
Kolbries - Radio
Noise Relations - Sunspot
Alessandro Pintus - AB3

Introspective - Crossing Borders
Slem - Oygar

Length: 33 minutes

View Podcast here
Download podcast

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tranceaction Vol. 8

Posted earlier, vibrations volume 8 was an old mix with some unheard tracks. I present this to you! The mixing is done completely by turntables, and doesn't stop banging with some great trance tunes:

01. Tillmann Uhrmacher - The Pride in Your Eyes (Martin Roth Remix)
02. Will Holland vs. Six Senses - Frantic
03. LCM - Forgotten (Acues & Elitist Remix)
04. C-Quence pres. Assure - Enemy Territory
05. Ronald Van Gelderen - Brightness
06. Activa - Airflow
07. Jaron Inc - Nothing to Loose (Airbase Remix)
08. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Through Your Eyes (Thomas Brozwear Mix)
09. Dave 202 - Generate The Wave
10. Steve Birch - Balearic Bay (Club Mix)

Download here

Post your comments and enjoy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

3 Mixes coming out soon...

So now is the time that I would like to announce the coming of three new mixes for everyone's pleasure.

1) A special new mix/album using tracks from one of my favorite IDM artists: General Fuzz

2) Brand Spankin' new Vibrations Vol. 7 Mix which will be released after it hits DI.FM radio

3) An old, unreleased LIVE mix, Tranceaction Vol. 8.

The first mix, between me and General Fuzz, has been a month long collaboration in developing a mix album featuring all general fuzz albums. If you liked the Searching for Planets kahvi mix, then you'll like this one.

The second mix, Vibrations volume 7, is a brand spankin' new trance mix I've conjured up over this last week. The mix features all new Trance tracks and remixes released just within the last week or so (two tracks released within the last two months). The mix has been sent into DI.FM and should be seeing another post shortly about the time/date it will be airing on the Trance channel.

The third and final mix is Tranceaction Vol. 8. For those who don't know the Tranceaction series, they were my first series when I just started mixing. Vol. 8 features live mixing via turntables and actually was unreleased because I was too busy to release it! It features some unheard tracks that were released about a year ago that still haven't hit mainstream yet, but are still Trance to the core.

While I haven't released any of the mixes yet, keep reading, each mix will be released at different times and will have its own individual post, so keep an eye out and RSS this blog.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

News mixes, with some bad news later

Well, I've finally put some finishing touches on three new mixed albums. One featuring a highly favored artist, General Fuzz and two kahvi mixes (one done awhile back, but just touching up some finer points of the mix). While you most likely will not see these things on the internet for the next two months, I have plans on getting in-touch with Mr. Mendia (the guy i mentioned from monographic) to help me out with generating some interest. I'd also like to get my hands on his track database and do some mixes. While I will stay close to kahvi, I think doing album mixes across the full spectrum of netlabels will be very interesting, and having monographic's name to it will help alot. The trick will be identifying netlabels and actually getting quality tracks to mix. However, with the rising number of netlabels on the net and the amount of releases they do a month, I could about a mix per month.

I also have some bad news (involves exploding equipment and loss of data). I'll inform you guys on my next post.