Tuesday, February 19, 2008

3 Mixes coming out soon...

So now is the time that I would like to announce the coming of three new mixes for everyone's pleasure.

1) A special new mix/album using tracks from one of my favorite IDM artists: General Fuzz

2) Brand Spankin' new Vibrations Vol. 7 Mix which will be released after it hits DI.FM radio

3) An old, unreleased LIVE mix, Tranceaction Vol. 8.

The first mix, between me and General Fuzz, has been a month long collaboration in developing a mix album featuring all general fuzz albums. If you liked the Searching for Planets kahvi mix, then you'll like this one.

The second mix, Vibrations volume 7, is a brand spankin' new trance mix I've conjured up over this last week. The mix features all new Trance tracks and remixes released just within the last week or so (two tracks released within the last two months). The mix has been sent into DI.FM and should be seeing another post shortly about the time/date it will be airing on the Trance channel.

The third and final mix is Tranceaction Vol. 8. For those who don't know the Tranceaction series, they were my first series when I just started mixing. Vol. 8 features live mixing via turntables and actually was unreleased because I was too busy to release it! It features some unheard tracks that were released about a year ago that still haven't hit mainstream yet, but are still Trance to the core.

While I haven't released any of the mixes yet, keep reading, each mix will be released at different times and will have its own individual post, so keep an eye out and RSS this blog.

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