Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kahvi Sound Sessions podcast 001

So, with the approval of a new podcast from Kahvi, I will be doing a weekly show hand selecting various tracks from the kahvi collective. In addition, the podcast will feature mini-mixes from me (about 1-3 tracks in length) . This particular podcast features a more down-to-earth feeling with some very warm bass, and good drum loops, take a listen.

Official thread:

Welcome to the first episode of Kahvi's newest podcast: Sound Sessions. The podcast will feature various artists from the kahvi label as well as some mixing done by yours truley, Dj Polaski. The featured artists are: Berestez, Url, Kolibries, Noise Relations, Alessandro Pintus, Introspective, and Slem. You can obtain all these tracks in their entirety for free at

Also, you can find the podcast through itunes, type in Kahvi under the search bar and you'll be good to go!

Individual Tracks:
Berestez - Shoda Twist
Url - The Time

Short-mix by Dj Polaski:
Kolbries - Radio
Noise Relations - Sunspot
Alessandro Pintus - AB3

Introspective - Crossing Borders
Slem - Oygar

Length: 33 minutes

View Podcast here
Download podcast


general fuzz said...

Nice work duder. Way to kick it off. I particularly enjoyed the very first track. Is there some way to embed the track names in the podcast?

Also, don't fear using your voice. IMO Dave's Lounge podcast is an excellent example of a voice can be informative without being intrusive.

Rubicante said...

Another hit by DJ Polaski. I especially liked Berestez, Slem and Kolibries. Truly old skool kahvi classics. ;)

MaGIc laNTern said...

What about Ogg? :)