Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dj Polaski - Vibrations Vol. 8 (2 year anniversary)

Well friends, its that time again where another Vibrations mix graces this planet for the first time. And to think, every one of you reading this has the chance to listen to it....for free! No gimmicks!

Lets get to the good stuff, stated previously, I really tried to take remnants from Tiesto's ISOS7 cd and try to incorporate that style into my mix. While I feel I failed in that area, I've also gained...The mix itself is wonderful. It's not the high-energy trance all those new hip kids are listening to, its very progressive, and very groove. I like the fact that most of its sounds are not overly-pitched and whining, but just right to the touch...or sense...or whatever. The more I listen to it, the more I feel it sounds like one of AvB's ISOT cd's, but I'm trying not to draw comparisons. I took a different turn in mixing this time as I went for a more beat-smooth transition rather than melody. You'll notice it because most of the tracks do not end on the same key, which I think keeps the mix entertaining and doesn't feel like its dragging on. A lot of the tracks themselves are low-key artists in a sense that they really aren't super popular but yet pump out really good tracks. I love going for these tracks as they excrete a certain kind of originality in sound that alot of uber-popular trance artists tend NOT to follow.

Anyways, this mix marks the second year of my mixing hobby as I remember starting in August of 2006 with Tranceaction 1, hosting my mixes off of Dj Doboy's website, then eventually moving on to Vibrations 1 on DI.FM (which really got me started), and eventually into the Kahvi mixes. Wanted to thank those who supported me finacially, emotionally, and kept me busy making mixes.

Here's the Tracklist

01. Arney S. - Sunday Morning Walk
02. Escadia - Artmospheric
03. Signalrunners feat. Julie Thompson - These Shoulders (Club Mix)
04. Thomas Schwartz - Twilight On Mars
05. Shootie feat. Laura - Closing Time
06. Chris Lake feat. Nastala - Start Again
07. Mr. Pit - Shana
08. Filterheadz - Day At The Beach
09. Dinka - Chemistry (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
10. Dj Tatana - Spring Breeze (Martin Roth Summer Style Remix)
11. Arnej - 7 Days
12. Venaccio - Forever Today
13. KOS - Azteca



Real quick:

I noticed something while releasing my mix on a few other forums sites. I'm kind of concerned about some of these djs who throw out 5-10 mixes a month in hope that quantity over quality will prevail. I know this isn't true because I take a quick peek at these mixes and its a jumble of half-hashed train wrecks and mix-matched tracks that provide no flow. Now, I'm not going to name names, however, I can focus on myself. While I have the means to throw out 2-3 mixes a month (at the expense of the clothes off my back) I feel that quality prevails over quantity, which is why I try to bring you mixes that are superb from the get go; one's that you can play over and over again and cherish. Bottom line is, I'm dedicated to mixing QUALITY mixes each and everytime, and how often I bring them to you is a burden on my mind, but not a qualification as a DJ. So what do I define as quality? Well, I can't answer that, you're the listener, I'll let you make up your own mind.

Stephen Tomko (Dj Polaski)

Friday, September 12, 2008

o.O??? Vibrations Vol. 8 this weekend....whaha!?!

I'm a little antsy about this new release for the vibrations series. It's one of the best culminations of tracks I've laced together in a long time. Granted, I've said that quite a few times about a few other vibration mixes, I feel eloquently soothe about this one. If I could have held back on this and sold it to you for a price, I would have, but I'm in the business of giving these things away to you for free as I scrounge around my pocket book for extra change to purchase these lovely tracks.

Anyways, Vibrations Vol. 8 will be released this weekend. I'll save the details for the mix release, but you'll want to stay on top of the blog posts to make sure you get it.

The theme consists of all 3 trance genres, Trance, Prog-Trance, Vocal Trance. However the main theme is prog, I was primarily inspired by Tiesto's ISOS7 cd, but felt compelled to add my own juice to the smoothie. The tracks are soft, juicy, bouncy, growing, and harmonious. The ending is most impressive to me as a dj.

Stay tuned