Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So I wanted to post an update to everyone about my current status. I'm working on Vibrations Vol 7 for DI.FM but I'm afraid that will have to wait a month or so. Stated before in my last post, I'm currently working with General Fuzz (one of my favorite artists) and we're working together on a project. It's exciting, he's teaching me alot of new stuff. I love being in the learning seat.

Any how, I got a fishing e-mail that I though I'd share with you:


I have been waiting for you since to contact
me for your Confirmable Bank Draft of
$800.000.00 United States Dollars, but I did not
hear from you since that time.Then I went and
deposited the Draft with FEDEX COURIER
SERVICE, West Africa, I travelled outof the
country for a 3 Months Course and I will not
come back till end of march. What you have to
do now is to contact the FEDEX COURIER
SERVICE as soon as possible to know when they
will deliver your package to you because of the
expiring date. For your in formation,

I have paid for the delivering Charge,
premium and Clearance Certificate Fee of the
Cheque showing that it isnot a Drug Money or
meant to sponsor Terrorist attack in your
Country. The only money you will send to the
FEDEX COURIER SERVICE to deliver your Draft
direct to your postal Address in your country is
($165.00US) Dollars only being Security Keeping
Fee ofthe Courier Company so far. Again, don't
bedeceived by anybody to pay any other
money except $165.00US Dollars.

I would have paid that but they said no
because they don't know when you will contact
themand in case of demurrage.You have to
contactthe FEDEX COURIER SERVICE now for the
deliveryof your Draft with this information

Contact Person: Mr. Daniel J. Blunt

Email Address: fedexcourierdept01@yahoo.com


Finally, make sure that you reconfirm yourPostal
address() and Direct telephone number to them
again to avoid any mistake on theDelivery and
ask them to give you the trackingnumber to
enable you track your package overthere and
know when it will get to your address.

Let me repeat again, try to contact them assoon
as you receive this mail to avoid any further
delay and remember to pay them their Security
Keeping fee of $165.00 US Dollars for their
immediate action. You should also let me know
through email assoon as you receive your Draft.
Yours Faithfully,


Monday, January 21, 2008


I was going through some of my old mixes and came across my first public mix titled "Rhapsody". The mix was a demonstration of my mixing skills for Nik, who runs the Kahvi label. The very first unreleased kahvi mix (titled kahvi-mix 001) was a overly-hashed mix of weird kahvi tracks that didn't have much consistency. I wasn't pleased with it, I just did it for fun. Back to the story, nik gave 001 a listen and was pleased with it (believe it or not!). He asked me to do another mix with releases covering 150 and above. I was delighted he wanted another. Well, within a month Rhapsody (kahvi-mix 002) was born, and I still believe it to be the best kahvi mix I made to date (in-fact the best mix period in my opinion). Nik gave it a listen, loved it, and then released on the label. I soon became Kahvi's designated mixer and well, the rest is internet history. Out of all of the mixes, Rhapsody has the best mixing, transition, interplay, mashups, and tracklisting of them all, despite what others say about it. If you haven't heard a copy of rhapsody check it out, you can click on the link "MIX ARCHIVES" to the left and view my mixography.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

21st Birthday

So it is my 21st birthday today and I must admit, it's been pleasent. To start this sunday, I ate some breakfast and watched Norbit for the first time. It was hilarious. I tend to enjoy black comedy every once in a while. Now I'm gearing up for the Packers game (I believe they have a real chance to make it to the super bowl). The whole day has been sitting in my bed watching T.V., and I'm enjoying it.

Since this blog is about djing and music I thought I might say something about it. To start, me and an artist (the artist I've been ranting about for the last month) are getting together and are working on something together. Can't get into too much information.

I also watched The Good the Bad and The Ugly friday night and I was enthused by the level of musical composition that the motion picture. The composer Ennio Morricone developed the most beautiful music in a movie I've heard in a VERY, VERY long time. The man is a genious. His works are way ahead of its time. I compared the music to other 60 movies, and it's just not the same. It's emotional, independent sounding using various sounds and weird instruments. I even took it upon myself to go into Reason and try to replicate one of his works, and it doesn't sound that bad. No I wont share with you, I wouldn't embarass myself like that, but it would be cool if someone like Boelex or Fuzz tried a downtempo/contemporary remix of these tracks.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Added new link and old mixes

After a request from a lady fan of mine I reinstated the Nostalgia mix for her and everyone else, you can click on the new link to the left called "Mix Archives" and it will take you to a blog post that has a list of my released mixes.

In addition, I'm introducing a mix I did a while back called Telecommunicate Vol. 2. It's a 70 minute set with over 25 tracks. I wanted to do an Armin Van Buuren Yearmix thing, but that takes alot of talent, and it isn't easy to do. I usually have some left over tracks/vinyls/mp3s that I don't use in my mixes (usually remixes of songs that I have used) and I make a super huge mix with tracks lasting only 1-3 minutes. It was fun to do, you'll enjoy listening to it.

Track listing:

01. Filo & Peri vs. Serge Devant - Something Special
02. Damaxx - Predator
03. MIDOR - Crusifix
04. Downkill - Distorted Reality
05. Super8 & Tab - Suru (Martin Roth Nu-Style Remix)
06. Lange - Angel Falls (Lange's Firewall Mix)
07. ATB with Heather Nova - Renegade (Ronski Speed Remix)
08. Flash Brothers ft. Tiff Lacey - Stay
09. David West - Welsh Morphology
10. Michael Burian - Secret Sins (Criss Source Remix)
11. Lange - Red October (Lange's Firewall Remix)
12. Maarten Hercules - Body Fusion (Little Vantage Touch)
13. Miikka Leinonen - Shadow Hearts (Topher Jones Remix)
14. Michael Cassette - David [Polaski's downsized edit]
15. Axass - Waiting For You (eryc & Axass Clear Out Intro Mix)
16. Backslash - El Nino (Mikael Sjoberg Remix)
17. Joe T. Vannelli - Prelude (Dream Beat) (Scalambrin Sicily Pleasure Remix)
18. David West ft. Inkfish - Searching For Substance (Boom Jinx Remix)
19. Filo and Peri vs. Serge Devant - Something Special (Emjae and Jerome Robbins Mix)
20. ATB - Feel Alive (Sunloverz Club Mix)
21. Nenes and Pascal Feliz - Platinum
22. Dj Trenix pres. Adamuna - English Rose
23. Cara Dillion vs. 2Devine - Black Is The Colour (Above & Beyond Devine Intervention Remix)
24. Syna - Do You Feel (Syna's Lost in Love Mix)
25. Filo and Peri ft. Vanessa Valentin - Inside of Me (Marco V Dub)

Download Mix

Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Mix Completed: Lightmare

Put the finishing touches on a new Kahvi mix (#006) titled Lightmare. I cannot go into specifics on the tracklisting but in my opinion, this is the most professional sounding mix to date. General Fuzz comes back to visit with two of his tracks and I'm happy. He's been dead center on my radar for releases in the past month, a true electronic pioneer. I'd watch this guy, he's definitely going to make it big. Anyways, the mix takes a unexpected turn as it is geared towards a slower, chill-outish style. You won't hear any super-glitched tracks upbeat sounds, its very mellow and smooth. I've been so blessed to be able to mix these "albums", its so much fun to watch as they propegate out into the internet. More-so, its amazing when artists themselves love to listen to their own songs on my mixes and then comment on them. Lightmare is like nothing I've done before, but that can be taken lightly because no two kahvi-mixes sound the same, nor are they mixed in the same style. I like it that way

I was delighted to know how popular Parallax (kahvi mix #003) has become. When I produced it (nearly 9 months ago) it sat on the side waiting for kahvi to release. Nik, who owns Kahvi, was really impressed with the work. To my surprise, he gave the mix to an online netaudio site called inq-mag which started its own netaudio/podcast release titled "monographic". Monographic captures different releases over the all the popular netlabels (kahvi, monotonik, etc) and puts them on a podcast which generates alot of attention (I MEAN ALOT). Parallax was monographic #001 (thats right, I was the first release on monographic!) To some degree, it generated alot of responses. In fact netdecks was even kind enough to give it a great review (netdecks reviews netlabel releases). Here is what Tobias Fischer from Netdecks had to say about Parallax:

"Next to producing distinct and adventurous techno music, Mikel Mendia is also the man behind the INQ Mag, an online publication dedicated to the netaudio world. As of now, it not only serves as an information source on the latest releases and news from the scene, but also acts as a place for concentrated listening. Mendia has joined forces with the Kahvi Collective and asked DJ Polaski to remix a selection of the Collective’s tunes into a coherent, smoothly flowing mix entitled “monographic #1”. Polaski has certainly spent the time necessary to browse the vast Kahvi archive (which totals a staggering 800 track) well. His mix begins infinitely relaxed and anthemic, with lots of intricate hiphop beats, snippeted loops, sacral chords and ambient spaces, then enters an industrial wasteland filled with growling basses and solitary piano splinters, before returning to more consiliatory sounds again. The emotional span of “monographic” is remarkable, even including the ecstatic howls of electric guitars and the hushed discreetness of field recordings. A project to be savoured, which will hopefully see a follow-up soon – preferably one which includes new material by Mr. Mendia himself."

It was a pleasure to read this, and inq-mag made a big showing of this exact review too! You can view the site here: http://www.inq-mag.com/2007/11/04/monographic-001-kahvi-collective/

Also, if you want to subscribe to the podcast you can do that at http://www.inq-mag.com