Monday, January 21, 2008


I was going through some of my old mixes and came across my first public mix titled "Rhapsody". The mix was a demonstration of my mixing skills for Nik, who runs the Kahvi label. The very first unreleased kahvi mix (titled kahvi-mix 001) was a overly-hashed mix of weird kahvi tracks that didn't have much consistency. I wasn't pleased with it, I just did it for fun. Back to the story, nik gave 001 a listen and was pleased with it (believe it or not!). He asked me to do another mix with releases covering 150 and above. I was delighted he wanted another. Well, within a month Rhapsody (kahvi-mix 002) was born, and I still believe it to be the best kahvi mix I made to date (in-fact the best mix period in my opinion). Nik gave it a listen, loved it, and then released on the label. I soon became Kahvi's designated mixer and well, the rest is internet history. Out of all of the mixes, Rhapsody has the best mixing, transition, interplay, mashups, and tracklisting of them all, despite what others say about it. If you haven't heard a copy of rhapsody check it out, you can click on the link "MIX ARCHIVES" to the left and view my mixography.

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