Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dj Polaski - Cup of Khavi (Kahvi Summer Mix)

Hey guys! I'm proud to announce a new kahvi mix today. Cup of Kahvi offers some premier kahvi tracks that are undeniably scrumptious. IF you have a heart for my previous kahvi mixes you'll REALLY enjoy this one.

The first three tracks really start the mix off strong with various sounds loops and amazing melodies. Slem starts us off accompanied by Brioskj and Scann Tec's wicked guitar lick. Then the mix drops and goes a little lighter with Nags and DMB's ghostmachine (a favorite of mine). As if DMB's track wasnt any lighter the mix takes a turn picks up speed with tracks from Dalekk, Tai, and URL. But before it gets too fast, Randomajestiq puts on the breaks slows us down with some awesome grooves and from there it starts to plateau off into a nice grooving set of drum loops, ethereal bouncing sounds. In the end, I do a little 7-8 minute mix recap feature the highlights of some of the songs in the mix; all mixed to Madstyle's loop on track.

You guy will definitely want to experience this rollercoaster.

01. Slem - Take Two Test
02. Brioskj - Clouds
03. Scann Tec - Evacuator
04. Nagz - Hringur B Quiet Year
05. DMB - Ghostmachine (Liquid Stranger Laxative Remix)
06. Dalekk - Ohmu
07. Taipuvaloutisuora - Sopimaon Jalkine
08. Url - Bjeon
09. Randomajestiq feat. Kirill Trepakov - Wrong Window
10. Atmogat - Raid II
11. Stud - Confident Gait
12. Noise Relations - Spectral
13. Esem - Microessen
14. Audio Cephlon - Callistemon
15. Madstyle - Loop On
16. Polaski's quick-mix recap

Download Here (Polaski's Server)
Mirror Download (micksam7.com)
Mirror Download 2 (scene.org)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tranceaction Vol. 9 (Unreleased!)

So, there has been alot of activity on my blog lately, which might suggest that my dj hiatus is drawing to an end. That is partially true, I still have a week to go before august kicks in but I thought I might re-introduce the Tranceaction series. Volume 9 has some very special mixing techniques. I did alot of track cuts ups and merging in here to make it more fluent. Also by cutting them up, It shortens the length of the tracks to an average of 4-5 minutes. I noticed that alot of listeners to like tracks that draw out too long. Personally, I feel the same.

I made a little catch for you guys to encourage you "facebook-ers" to join my fan page. This tranceaction series mix will ONLY BE RELEASED ON MY FACEBOOK FAN PAGE. I know some of you might get mad at a stunt like that, but I hope it might get some of you to join. If you don't use facebook, drop me an e-mail, djpolaski@gmail.com OR send me an AOL message at, rep reh zent. IF you don't know how to be a fan on facebook, look at the previous blog post, it will show you how. I posted the mix in a forums post, you'll see it when you get there :)

Here's the tracklist:

01. Jose Amnesia - Follow Me (Danito Erocle Remix)
02. Terrafusion - Ultima (5th Dynasty Remix)
03. Fast Distance - Heavens Melody (Michael Angelo & Jim Remix)
04. Cartel - Buenos Aires
05. Majesta - Not The End (Michael Angelo & Jim Remix)
06. In Progress & Omnia - Air Flower
07. Ron Malakai - Memorable Touch (Carl B Remix)
08. Paul Miller - Fruit, Vegetables and Miller
09. Andrelli & Blue feat. Hila Imagine (Mike Nichol Remix)
10. Activa - Remember (Club Mix)
11. Technikal feat. Stace - Northern Lights (Solarscape Remix)
12. Andy Moor vs. Orkidea - Year Zero (Andy Moor's First Light Mix) // Yes I know its old, but the track fit so well, and its one of my favorites, that I couldn't avoid using it
13. Lemon & Elnar K - Anticipation

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Become a fan on facebook

So without trying to glorify myself I made a fan page on facebook. You don't need any applications to do it, its build right into facebook. Just go to your search bar (that you would normally find friends in) and type "Dj Polaski" exactly as you see it, but without the quotes. That should direct you to the page in which you can join.

The whole point of the fan page is to facilitate a medium in which I can electronically communicate with you. In other words (lol), it allows me to get to know who you are (and stalk you...no no only joking). I like to be able to talk with people who enjoy the same kind of music as I do, it makes it very interesting. It also allows me to gear my mixes for you guys by understanding your interests in electronic music.

So, don't be shy and add Dj Polaski as a friend. I look forward to talking to some of you!

Thanks for the e-mails/messages.

Wanted to thank you guys for sending your thoughtful messages and e-mail to me. Its a pleasure to know my work is going around the world from Amsterdam, Berlin, and St. Petersburg, to New Zealand, Australia, and Chicago. It only encourages me to make more mixes for you guys to enjoy.

Speaking of mixes, I'll be placing a new trance mix for download that has some creamy transitions and tracks. The tracks were spankin' new upon recording, but I held back and decided I wouldn't ever release it. Since the recent messages, I changed my mind...

p.s. If you loved the Tranceaction series, wait for vol. 9