Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dj Polaski - Cup of Khavi (Kahvi Summer Mix)

Hey guys! I'm proud to announce a new kahvi mix today. Cup of Kahvi offers some premier kahvi tracks that are undeniably scrumptious. IF you have a heart for my previous kahvi mixes you'll REALLY enjoy this one.

The first three tracks really start the mix off strong with various sounds loops and amazing melodies. Slem starts us off accompanied by Brioskj and Scann Tec's wicked guitar lick. Then the mix drops and goes a little lighter with Nags and DMB's ghostmachine (a favorite of mine). As if DMB's track wasnt any lighter the mix takes a turn picks up speed with tracks from Dalekk, Tai, and URL. But before it gets too fast, Randomajestiq puts on the breaks slows us down with some awesome grooves and from there it starts to plateau off into a nice grooving set of drum loops, ethereal bouncing sounds. In the end, I do a little 7-8 minute mix recap feature the highlights of some of the songs in the mix; all mixed to Madstyle's loop on track.

You guy will definitely want to experience this rollercoaster.

01. Slem - Take Two Test
02. Brioskj - Clouds
03. Scann Tec - Evacuator
04. Nagz - Hringur B Quiet Year
05. DMB - Ghostmachine (Liquid Stranger Laxative Remix)
06. Dalekk - Ohmu
07. Taipuvaloutisuora - Sopimaon Jalkine
08. Url - Bjeon
09. Randomajestiq feat. Kirill Trepakov - Wrong Window
10. Atmogat - Raid II
11. Stud - Confident Gait
12. Noise Relations - Spectral
13. Esem - Microessen
14. Audio Cephlon - Callistemon
15. Madstyle - Loop On
16. Polaski's quick-mix recap

Download Here (Polaski's Server)
Mirror Download (micksam7.com)
Mirror Download 2 (scene.org)


general fuzz said...

Fantastic set. One of my favorites for sure.

travis said...

i agree with the general! every track makes the others sound even better.

brilliantly mixed!

MaGIc laNTern said...

Please, release an ogg (or flac).