Saturday, July 26, 2008

Become a fan on facebook

So without trying to glorify myself I made a fan page on facebook. You don't need any applications to do it, its build right into facebook. Just go to your search bar (that you would normally find friends in) and type "Dj Polaski" exactly as you see it, but without the quotes. That should direct you to the page in which you can join.

The whole point of the fan page is to facilitate a medium in which I can electronically communicate with you. In other words (lol), it allows me to get to know who you are (and stalk no only joking). I like to be able to talk with people who enjoy the same kind of music as I do, it makes it very interesting. It also allows me to gear my mixes for you guys by understanding your interests in electronic music.

So, don't be shy and add Dj Polaski as a friend. I look forward to talking to some of you!

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