Tuesday, February 5, 2008

News mixes, with some bad news later

Well, I've finally put some finishing touches on three new mixed albums. One featuring a highly favored artist, General Fuzz and two kahvi mixes (one done awhile back, but just touching up some finer points of the mix). While you most likely will not see these things on the internet for the next two months, I have plans on getting in-touch with Mr. Mendia (the guy i mentioned from monographic) to help me out with generating some interest. I'd also like to get my hands on his track database and do some mixes. While I will stay close to kahvi, I think doing album mixes across the full spectrum of netlabels will be very interesting, and having monographic's name to it will help alot. The trick will be identifying netlabels and actually getting quality tracks to mix. However, with the rising number of netlabels on the net and the amount of releases they do a month, I could about a mix per month.

I also have some bad news (involves exploding equipment and loss of data). I'll inform you guys on my next post.

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