Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kahvi Release #273: Bendii Syndrom by Polaski

So for you Kahvi fans out there, I've finally made it to the cream of the crop and have an EP listed on kahvi's own site titled Bendii Syndrome. This luscious set of individual tracks lay out sequences of sounds that are both strange and common to the avid EDM listener. None the less, they are worth checking out and they are free (If you'd like a .FLAC copy, you can donate $2 to paypal).

Here's what Kahvi had to say about it:

"After some successful releases of mix on Kahvi, Polaski has followed similar DJs in turning his attentions to the creation of his own original music. What follows is his first four track ep, heavily influenced by Boards of Canada (check Loss of Grandios) and Arovane.

A warm, fluid, easy listening collection of tracks, a sentimental edge with the classic off tone analogue sounds, subtle beats and addictive melodies. Polaski has studied the style of his favourite artists well, and this reflects in Bendii Syndrome.

After the harsh and distorted reality of Yards 'Swaggle Dub', Kahvi returns to a more mellow and chilled vibe. Enjoy this great premier from Polaski and lets wait for some more of his work in the future."

Go to the site and download them for free.