Sunday, November 8, 2009

EP Album on Kahvi: Bendii Syndrome

I really felt like my last post didn't do justice for the kind of enthusiasm I wanted to display for my EP released on Kahvi. For you Kahvi fans, I released a 4-Track Kahvi EP that really had some positive feedback from the loyal customers there. Those responses really encouraged me to continue looking into music production.

With that said, I've currently working on another 4-track EP that will be released on Kahvi's EP timetable.

Back to the album! I really felt Bendii Syndrom hit a well scored note (no pun intended) to Kahvi listeners as much of the releases were bionic bunny style weird-hypnotic tracks. I do go for those kinds of tracks, but I really think for that kind of arena, people want subtly, simplicity, and emotional components attached to their music. I think those elements, when blended, produce an effect that makes you feel good.

I don't always think about these things, and to quantify music in such ways should be blasphemous in most cases. None the less, the tracks I created hit a chord with me, I hope they do with you as well. Much of the inspiration from the tracks came from trancey chillout, workbench (Kahvi releases) and Boards of Canada.

Loss of Grandios is by far (in my opinion) the best track of the EP. While repetitive, it follows the style of Boards of Canada but also has its own style of communicating its intent.

Snooping for berries is a fun and intrinsic style that makes me think of some dog, snooping around the garden for a quick treat. Don't ask me why, but thats just the illusion that I get when I listen to this.

Last Goodbyes are one of those Squaresoft-cum-Chronotrigger-cum-FinalFantasy tracks that just kind of sit with you when you've listened to it enough. Piano and pad swells make this track a swirling pool of emotion.

Starstruck is exactly what the name implies, BOOM. The start up is slow and somewhat unimpressive. But mid-point through the track, sounds begin to fill your speakers and the result is a conglomerate of chorded violence with a sense of subtlety (yes I can use that word twice).

1. Last Goodbyes
2. Loss of Grandios
3. Snooping For Berries
4. Starstruck


As for timely releases of my Mixes, I really do have apologize. I always end up with the shorter end of the stick when it comes to a commitment with you guys. Money definitely is not the issue but rather the time associated with making mixes. With a full-time job now (System's analyst) and a full-time student, things often get lost in the mix of it all (once again, no pun intended). I'm currently looking at purchasing tracks for another vibrations mix coming up soon. So stay tuned.