Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kahvi-Set: Walk With Me mixed by Dj Polaski

Wanted to throw out a new kahvi mix for everyone's enjoyment: Walk With Me. This kahvi-set was done in conjunction with the popular "Cup of Kahvi" mix presented a few months back. Like most of my mixes, this one goes through cycles of slow-fast-slow. The beginning tracks, I feel, are the premier focal point of the mix. Things tend to heat up in the middle, and then rest at the end of the mix. If you sincerely enjoyed my kahvi mixes in the past, you'll no doubt enjoy this one as well.

01. Stuart Elliott - Beneath The Surface
02. Stuart Elliott - The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean
03. Kuppi - Drunk (Polaski vs. Projekti3 half-way remix)
04. Projekti3 - Ohi
05. Mikael Fyrek - Submarine Light
06. Sektor - Eastmind
07. Introspective - Mail Order Monsters
08. Vizion - Vanishing Point
09. Nova Viator - Gorey Empire Defence
10. Acrillic Colors - Ununquadium Rarefaction
11. Mosaik - Winternumb
12. Abandonment - Sissot's Eclipse
13. Acrillic Colors -The Thing From Another World
14. Alexey V - 3rd Dream
15. Krypton - Croon (unreleased)

Download Mix

Enjoy :)


Euan said...

I thought "Sissots Eclipse" was by Whom (aka Introspective) rather than Abandonment?

Great mix btw.

Polaski said...


You didn't hear it from me, but they are the same individual

Euan said...

Fair enough ;)