Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Polaski - Life After Death (Beta Chill Remix)

 For some time, I've been practicing some music techniques, creating new sounds and developing rhythems (for fun), and I eventually concluded a 4 minute song featuring what I've been doing. Life After Death is a subtle chill focusing simply on syntaxual rhythem. There's no advanced stuff here; but I'm not disappointed. The melodies are simple and flow well. I'm not sure if I'm quite done with the song, thats why I called it a beta mix.

I just want to go on the record in saying that these individuals have encouraged my musical growth. However, they always said to stick to what I've been good at: djing.

Check it out:


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Polaski.

Let me say first off that I am a died in the wool fan of Kahvi and General Fuzz. I have all heir work. But I am also a solid fan of your work and have it all.

I could not and do not agree with the others in saying you should stick to DJ'ing and leave off the Music writing and playing. What a waste of your great talent that would be.
I just downloade and played your latest piece and it is beautiful. Remember I am looking from outside the square, they are looking from inside the square. Big difference.

I will continue to visit your site daily to keep up with you.

Cheers. John Bujack (73=yrs young)(Australia)

general fuzz said...

I also feel that I need to go on record here - I've always actively encouraged you to continue exploring your own music. You are in a unique position to have really absorbed a huge body of the type of music you want to compose - I think that base will allow you to create amazing songs as you grow your compositional skills.