Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vibrations 2010 (May) - Vol. 12

Welcome to May's edition of Vibrations. It's been a few months since the January mix and I wanted to update my friends some great new trance tracks. While some of these have broken the mainstream horizon, many of these chill trance tracks are hidden gems equating into a nice chill/summer mix.

The inspiration behind this volume stemmed from vibrations vol. 7-9...they had a chill yet respectable trance sound. These sound elements are ones I enjoy the best. While sounding amazing, they stray the course of mainstream trance, leaving an impression and enjoyable taste you keep coming back to time and time again.

The ending tracks spell out my favorite moments in this mix. The subtleness never leaves you wanting more; it satiates the soul.

Track listing:

01. Anatolly Frolov - Beautiful Sunrise
02. Chris Reece - Still Breathing
03. Paul Tarrant - Sunset Serenade (JPL Remix)
04. Matt Zo - The Lost
05. Sasha Virus - 2gether We ARe feat. Dilara
06. Alex MORPH - Photograph feat. Roberta Harri
07. Shogun - Nadia feat. Hannah Ray (Extended Mix)
08. Marco V - Coming Back feat. Jonathan Men
09. Gabriel Lukosz - All The Usual Things (Tucande Remix)
10. Oxide - For You feat. Aelyn (Eximinds Remix)
11. Michael Witness - Tranquility (Soarsweep Remix)

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Euan said...

Another solid mix. Many thanks. :-)

Anonymous said...

very! very! very! very! very! good!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well, it has been awful quiet around here. Are you still active?

          -a hopeful listener

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your mixes over the years. Hopefully you haven't given up the music entirely and we will be able to hear from you again one day.

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