Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kahvi-Mix 005: Searching for Planets (kahvi#229)

This kahvi-mix, like all the others, features the talented artists on the Kahvi label ( For about a year now, I've spent alot of time working on kahvi-released tracks producing mixes (even though I'd like to call them albums). The result of this work is what I consider to be my finest. This recent release on the kahvi label (kahvi#229) is one of three mixes released (a total of 5 mixes if you include unreleased mixes).

When I first started the preliminary work for this album, I was stumped on some of the tracks to use. I had such a vast spectrum of styles and BPMs it was difficult to set a "tone" for the album. None the less, with the work that Planet Boelex (kahvi#218) and General Fuzz (kahvi#216) created in "Suunta" and "Red Balloon" respectively, I was able to manage some really great transitions. Knowing Planet Boelex personally and faintly talking with General Fuzz through e-mail, I was able to get an inside look on some of their work, producing some inspiration. In fact, I was so inspired by their work, I used three tracks from Planet Boelex, and three tracks from General Fuzz. I give much credit to their work.

The mix also features some of my other favorite artists. While this is the first time I've featured Planet B and General F in any of my mixes, Madstyle, Keed pr1, Workbench, Alexey V, and Stud return with some great tracks that add awesome ambient/progressiveness tones. I'm very fond of Workbench, mostly all of his tracks either start at the beginning or end of my albums because of the sounds he use. They make great intro/ending tracks. Madstyle has a specific looping style/sound that is consistent with most of his tracks. When I did my first kahvi-mix (titled "Rhapsody", see back catalog), my favorite track was "Soundcascade". Alexey V has always surprised me. His progressive sounds leave me in awe, and I always look forward to his releases. Every kahvi mix I've produced has features Alevey V; he just fit so well. His recent release titled "dreamology" (kahvi#219) is very different from the rest of his stuff. It's slow, ambient, sensual, yet terrifying.

I also created a little story line to go along with the album. It allows you to kind of get a picture as I was developing the album. Actually, as I was going through the entire set, I was just thinking what it would be like to be in space, and so with each track, I created a little story-name that I thought fit the mood of the track.

The culmination of work in "Searching for Planets" is surprisingly good with ambient sounds, weird loops, and spacious ethereal melodies. You won't leave hungry after listening to this. In some cases you'll wonder when the next song will be only to find out you've already arrived past the transition. What I liked most of all about this was the warm welcome I got from Planet Boelex and General Fuzz. I enjoy hearing/reading listener's compliments, but when it comes from the Artists themselves, it means a whole lot more to me.

Track list:

01. Pinza - Thickline
02. MadStyle - Fresh Green Leaves
03. Planet Boelex - Leaving Quietly
04. Dj Aivem - Final Day Will Be Tomorrow
05. Stud - Respawn
06. Alkor - Nothing Will Ever Be Yellow
07. ifyou - Tales From Ocean
08. Alexey V - 2nd Dream
09. General Fuzz - Smiling Perspective
10. General Fuzz - Ray Squared
11. Abyssal Plains - Orange River
12. Planet Boelex - Suunta
13. Planet Boelex - Soft Landing
14. General Fuzz - Detached Reality
15. Sabi - Matmilk
16. Keed pr1 - Solaris
17. Workbench - Paper Frog

01. Mission: To Boldly Go
02. Willow Nebula: Spaceous Anomolies
03. Planet Phorus: Living with the Clouds
04. Planet Kahvi: Two Suns - Sunset & Sunrise
05. Traveling: Forward or Backwards
06. Planet Torrkat: Sand Land - Searching for Water
07. Amongst the Stars: Alone with God
08. The Void: Dark
09. The clearing: Light
10. Planet Arrakis: Cities in the Purple Sky
11. Full Speed Ahead: Watching the Stars Go By
12. Planet Ares: Industrial Red Planet
13. Planet Terra: Neverending Forest
14. Planet Maelus: Escaping Trouble
15. Planet Aquaesus: Waterworld
16. Wormhole: Where is it Taking Me?
17. Planet Earth: Welcome Home

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AdvntCrisis said...

im lovin the music, but id like to know a detailed tracklisting - namely the times for each track of the entire mix, if there is any