Monday, December 31, 2007

Rating: Planet Boelex - Only Slighly Distant (mtk163)

Every so often I come across certain tracks that have an emotional impact on me. I was recently browsing the monotonik netlabel archives and came across a release by Planet Boelex. Stated in my previous blog posts, I've became quite fond of the work he's produced this last year, and the track, titled Only Slight Distant, is no exception. Before I even beginning rating this track, it's important to show you my scale (rated 1-10) on how I rate tracks.

10: Pure
9: All-Time Favorite
8: Excellent
7: Petty Good
6: Nice Listen
5: Average
4: Nothing Spectacular
3: Boring
2: Bad; Didn't finish
1: Deleted

Now, in order to get anything above an 8, you must be pretty damn good. The ranking of 10 is Pure. Stated in my mission, I am looking for the purest sound, by achieving a 10, that is the purest sound that I've ever heard. I rarely rate anything above an 8. IN fact, 3 Drives on a Vinyl - Greece 2000 (which is my favorite Trance song) only hits a 8 on the scale.

Anyways, Let's start off with this track. It was released on the monotonik label (mtk163). The beginning is very soothing, with bubbly sounds and light hits on the drums. But what happens after a minute or so is truly amazing. The melody begins to kick in and the bass accompanies it. I play this part over and over, and it only gets better. There is just an immense build-up of sound and you just feel overwhelmed with so much cohesion in the melody and bass line. After 3 minutes into it, the sound fades and a new melody and bass-line kicks in. If this was any ordinary song from an ordinary label, I would frown upon this, but considering Planet Boelex's style, and the kind of music this is geared for, this kind of technique isn't that far fetched. The second portion of the track is not as tantalizing as the first, but it still is pretty good. The leads on the track are once again bubbly, and you hear more defined pads, and a more textured bass line. There are some chorus parts that reflect the first portion of the track, which scores big with me. The song continues with a more defined drum line with funky loops and displaced hits. After 6 minutes together, the song fades and ends.

I really liked this track, made me feel good just listening to it. I definitely liked the first portion of it than the second. In fact, I almost wish that PB would have continued to use the same melody and bass line rather than switching it up half-way through, but I try not to comment much about how artists arrange their music. The melody was very well constructed, with an accompanying bass line and ethereal pads that generated a soothing sensation. I really enjoyed listening to this, it will most likely be an all-time favorite song for me.

RATING: 8, Excellent

You can download the track off the monotonik label for free:

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general fuzz said...

All you had to say was "Planet Boelex", and I went straight to download. Thanks for the find.