Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kahvi Sound Sessions 006 Special Mix Edition

For week 6 of the kahvi sound sessions I have prepared a little preasent for everyone to enjoy: A full 60 minute mix! Featuring some very soothing sounds this round will offer some complex beats matched with some ethreal pleasures. The mix starts off with Alkor's awesome ambient track "The Background" and ends with Jasinski's downtempo/minimal track "Single file lines". We also see double track features with Randomajestiq, Keith, and Jasinski. The other tracks in this 15 track set fit perfectly as each transition swiftly moves you forward.

01. Alkor - The Background
02. Alessandro Pintus - Snowonwindow
03. Brioskj - Pyramids
04. Sbindon - Space Pazta
05. Alexey V - Invisible
06. Audio Cephlon - Cosmic Turquiose
07. Sektor - Atai
08. Randomagestiq - Net.surfing
09. Randomagestiq - Danu
10. Esem - B~ckbook
11. Masse Memoire - Kalimba Beats
12. Jasinski - Bleeding Oscillator
13. Keith - Seek No. 303
14. Keith - Accredited Heard
15. Jasinski - Single File Lines

Download mix


Anonymous said...

Listening now :)

Anna said...

no offense but this SUCKS

Polaski said...

Thats alright, you're probably one of those trance junkies stuck on one sound :D. No offense, of course

Anonymous said...

your mix sucks. u hate on deadmau5 cuz u urself sucks. by the way dude... listen to the reward is cheese and compare that to I remember. those sound the same to you? go die dude. ur a stubborn piece of shit. by the way trance sucks my left nut