Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kahvi Master Series -- All of the Mixes

So despite taking a brief pause on djing, I haven't (and I'm sorry for not posting) stopped with regards to some Kahvi mixes. I decided to rebrand them all calling them the "Kahvi Master Series". The name is a spinoff from Sasha's Renaissance Master Series, but that's as far as it goes. There's quite a few mixes here (13 in total). I can't provide the tracklist, because I simply do not have them =/.

None the less, the Kahvi Master Series mixes highlight the excellence in Kahvi. It's a perfect introduction to the world of Kahvi music. Each track featured can be downloaded and distributed for free @ I hope you enjoy them. It's about 2GB download :P

The Kahvi Master Series:
Mix 1: Rhapsody (2006)
Mix 2: Parallax (2006)
Mix 3: Midnight Arboretum (2007)
Mix 4: Searching for Planets (2007)
Mix 5: Lightmare (2008)
Mix 6: Walk with Me (2008)
Mix 7: Cup of Kahvi (2008)
Mix 8: xPresso (2012)
Mix 9: Decaf (2012)
Mix 10: Kahvi Del Mar (2013)
Mix 11: Dark Roast (2013)
Mix 12: Light Roast (2013)
Mix 13: Winter Blend (2013)

I take a lot of pride in these mixes. More over any other sets. Each one is unique and there is no duplication of tracks. I never listen to my own mixes -- except these. There's simply nothing like them.


Post if you want a tracklist, I have some not all.

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Anonymous said...

Big thanks for this compilation. Loving your kahvi mixes since 2008. Keep up the good work!