Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vibrations 2014 May - Drum and Bass

I wanted to introduce a Drum and Bass mix for you. It's been sitting on the shelf and is a great listen. A lot of great transitions. This D&B mix contains a plethora of styles, but mainly progressive D&B. It never extends itself on a theme for too long.

 I don't have a tracklist for it. Sorry :(. I promise June will have it. Also June will bring us to our regular programming...


Download Here

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Mr. Polaski.
I have had your site up on my Bookmarks Toolbar (Firefox) permanently from when you first started your site and I daily faithfully checked in to see if you would return. Somehow I never doubted that you would. Weird huh ?.
You do truly wonderful stuff and it is among my most favourite music.
I hope and trust that illness or family problems were not the cause of your absence and if it was then I wish you continued good fortune now onward into the future and every success in your future endeavours.

A sincere thank you for bringing enjoyment to myself and all the other the listeners at large.

Stay safe and be happy.

Cheers. John Bujack (79+ yrs young) Cairns, Tropical Nth Queensland, Australia.