Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dj Polaski - Midnight Aboretum (part 1)

Would like to introduce my third published kahvi mix featuring the artists at kahvi titled "Midnight Arboretum". If you dont know me outside of the podcast I've started mixing for kahvi about a year ago doing full CD length albums to be featured on their site. 4T (nik/choogy) saw great potential and offered me a spot on board. The podcasts featured before were crafted by me and I had alot of fun doing them, but now its time to show you a little bit of the my talent as a mixer when it comes to the full length stuff. Midnight Arboretum clashes with classic sounding techno-beats and soft ethreal tracks to provide a nice clean album. Featured this week will be part 1 of the mix. Part 2 will come next week and the full download of the mix will be featured then.

Remember, all the tracks you hear can be downloaded full length @

I'll provide a tracklist later!

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