Monday, March 10, 2008

Donation Request

If you've been reading you know that I have some bad news. Awhile ago, my computer blew and all of its contents (excluding one harddrive) literally went up in flames. So I'm making a huge effort to build a new computer. This donation drive is STRICLY for that cause, and that cause ONLY. All the money that I put forth towards developing mixes and mashups and buying tracks, equipment and sound editing programs come out of my own pocket. So if you like what you hear, feel free to donate. Here's how:

Paypal is completing confidential, when you make a donation, no matter where you are, I don't see any of the credit card or money order information, just a name and an e-mail. You don't even need a paypal account. You can location the "pay without an account using a credit card" to the bottem left. Plus if you make a donation, I'll let you into a little area where you can download unreleased kahvi mixes at any desirable codec including .WAV and .FLAC(I have 5 of them!)

My ultimate goal is $160. The purpose of the $160 is to buy a new computer sound system which boasts some great sound quality with a bunch of sound input and outputs including midi, optical, digital, RCA and a host of others. This will help me to develop new kinds of mixing techniques as wel as opening up a studio for a free friends of mine to officially make releases.

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